Installing LTU Package (and Transmission) on Dune HD Base 3D

The following guide describes how to install the Linux Terminal Utilities and afterwards configure Transmission for auto-start on player boot.

  1. Download the latest LTU package: . Unrar the file and copy the contents onto a USB flash drive;
  2. Download the latest PuTTY version from here:
  3. Connect the flash drive containing the LTU package to a USB port on the device.
  4. It is now necessary to initialize the system storage.
    a) If you have a HDD smaller than 2 TB open the file service/dune_service_af_make_sstorage_and_ext3_on_hdd.dsf .
    b) If you have a HDD larger than 2 TB open the file service/dune_service_af_gpt_make_sstorage_and_ext3_on_hdd.dsf .
    c) If you want to use a USB stick as system storage open the file service/dune_service_af_make_sstorage_and_ext3_on_pen.dsf .
    After creating the system storage drive, the device will reboot
  5. Initializare stocare sistem Dune HD

  6. Now open the file dune_service_ltu_install.dsf to start LTU package installation. When done, you will get the following message: Installing Package: [OK]
  7. Instalare pachet LTU

  8. Create a new folder named transmission onto the disk partition where you want do download.
  9. Now make sure that both Dune HD and a PC are connected to the same network.
  10. From your PC, open putty.exe. In PuTTY Configuration, go to  Translation category and set Remote Character Set: UTF-8.
  11. Setari PuTTY

  12. Go to Session category, and enter the IP address of the Dune player into Host Name, select Telnet and then click Open.
  13. Deschidere conexiune PuTTY

  14. The username is root .
  15. Enter this command: vi /ltu/configure
  16. Now use the arrow keys to find the line START_TRANSMISSION=0. Put the green cursor over "0".
  17. Editare fisier configurare LTU

  18. Press "r" on the keyboard, then press "1" to change the value. Now press ESC.
  19. Now type :w and press ENTER. Then type :q! and press ENTER.
  20. Type reboot to restart the player.
  21. Now Transmission will start automatically on player boot. The user interface can be accessed from the PC web browser at the following address: http://ip-address-of-player:9091 (The IP address can be found in Setup > Information)